sobre nosotros

The legacy of a visionary father, complemented by the love and determination of his daughter, defines the essence of Andrés Machado. With over 25 years of experience, we proudly lead as the go-to reference in Europe for crafting footwear in special sizes, catering to both large and small sizes for women and men.

Our unwavering dedication and close bond with customers drive our evolution, with a focus on those who often struggle to find their perfect fit. Offering a diverse range of sizes not readily available elsewhere, we stand committed to making fashion accessible to all.

Fueled by the warmth and commitment of a family-owned business, we design and manufacture our shoes in Spain, guided by the expertise gained from years in the industry. Creating comfortable, elegant, and high-quality footwear is the hallmark of our skilled artisans.

At Andrés Machado, we transcend mere shoe production. Our mission is to assist every customer in discovering their ideal footwear, blending style and comfort seamlessly, while our passion extends beyond fitting feet. It's about aligning with the styles and lives of our customers. We've transformed the dream of a local business into an international reality, all while retaining the closeness and warmth of our family origin.

Sincerely, Andrés Machado, continuing the legacy of our founder and passionately led by Amanda Machado, his daughter.